Making Spirulina Infused Kombucha Today!

This evening Tim is going to start a few different kinds of green kombucha.  I have organic spirulina ( and Chlorella ( and some wheat grass powder.


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5 responses to “Making Spirulina Infused Kombucha Today!

  1. josh

    How did it go with the spirulina? I was going to try it on a whim because I have a ton of it for my juicing. My typical Kombucha is rooibos and sugar in the raw.

  2. Angie Morey

    Yes, please share with us how this Spirulina Kombucha went? Do bacteria and yeast live in harmony with algae?


  3. and i was in Whole Paycheck the other day and noticed GT’s makes a multi-green with spirulina . . . I have not bought kombucha since 2007 but I bought the bottle to try it. I did not enjoy it. Spriulina is very strong so I’m just going to keep putting it in my morning juices instead.

  4. Was told at a festival that spirulina makes for blue kombucha, so searching around the interent I’ve found you. 🙂

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