Special Orders!

We are about to start several new batches of kombucha and are finally ready to take special orders.
How it works:

A. You tell us how you want it made and with what (i.e. low sugar jasmine/green tea based kombucha.)  For large orders (one or more gallons)  we can buy special/new teas.


B. Tell us what taste you like your kombucha (i.e. strong/astringent or light/sweet.)

C. Tell us what infusions you’d like (i.e. pomegranate, cherry, blueberry, etc.)

For options A or B, fermentation will take between two and four weeks before it will be ready to drink.  For option C allow three to seven days.  All donations will be accepted upon pick up/delivery of kombucha tea.

For more details email us @ baykombucha@gmail.com


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