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Kombucha Wine Progress!

It’s almost 3 weeks into this batch’s second fermentation cycle, it will continue to ferment for 5 or 6 more weeks before it’s put into bottles to go through the third fermentation cycle.


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New Organic Green Tea!

We have two batches of our organic green tea kombucha ready NOW! One batch was made right here in San Francisco and one was made at the Hermit Compound (my house) and both are GREAT. The batch made in SF is a delicious low sugar (almost all of the sugar is converted during fermentation anyway) fizzy brew and the Oakland batch is stronger and more astringent.
Hit us up now for our newest batches at

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Five Gallons of Kombucha Wine!

Yesterday I made 5 gallons of kombucha wine that will be ready in a few months! Pictures coming soon.

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