Due to the overwhelming demand for kombucha homebrewing starter kits we’ve gotta switch it up ’cause we’re out of full gallon jars.
The temporary kits we have available are still 25 dollars and the only difference is they come in two HALF gallon mason jars not the 1 gallon jars. We hope to get more gallon jars as soon as we can sell off some of these and have the money to make a new order. The good news is once you have your own 1 gallon jar to brew in you have two half gallon jars to put your finished kombucha!
Our starter kits are still 100% Organic and Raw and now available in Lavender Black Tea, Apricot Black Tea, or traditional Black and Green bases and are always made with 100% Organic and (when possible) Fair Trade cane sugar.
Thanks a lot folks and we hope to be back with our normal kits ASAP.


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2 responses to “ATTENTION: STARTER KIT NEWS!!!

  1. Tamara Torlakson

    Hi There – can we order the starter kits online? Not the mason jars, as that would be ridiculous to ship — but the rest of the stuff. Would love to do that!!

  2. jonathan

    who do I contact, where do i go to get one and how do i communicate with the person in charge? thanks

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