The Starter Kit Machine Kicks Into High Gear!

We’re starting to get into the flow of getting our starter kits out and streamlining the process.

The expected wait time on a Kombucha Starter kit is now about 3 days unless you’ve got a really whacky request.

For a new Kombucha Homebrewing Starter Kit you can choose from organic black, green, white, or yerba mate teas for your tea base and (for a bit extra) get your kit with herbal or floral infusions like lavender, hibiscus, or rose!

Our starter kits come with a 1 gallon glass jar, pre-brewed starter tea, dry tea and organic fair trade cane sugar for your next batch, and the SCoBY (the kombucha ‘culture’ or ‘mother’) and you can get one now for as low as $30 dollars.  The cost is less than 7 bottles of store bought kombucha and with our kit you can make kombucha how you want FOREVER!
All of our kits are made to order however you want it.
*Ask about our bicycle delivery!*

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