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About S.F.B.A. Kombucha Kollective

We are a small collective of individuals in San Francisco who make local, natural, healthy beverages accessible at an affordable sliding scale cost. We are also dedicated to homebrewing, gardening, and sustainable local economies. We do not ship our kombucha or Homebrew Kits and all deliveries are made by bicycle. To get involved or inquire about purchases or donations email us at

The Last Kombucha Starter Kit For A Couple of Weeks


You’re great kombucha farmers! You bought us out of SCoBYs and we have a lot of them! This hasn’t happened before so for the next two weeks we’re gunna use our mothers to grow baby SCoBYs and then we’ll be back in business.

Thanks again everyone who has gotten a Homebrewing Starter Kit from us, you’re the best.



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SCoBYs In Space!!!

So, the European Space Agency is seeing what happens when you put a kombucha SCoBY into the vacuum of space and I personally couldn’t be more excited. If anyone at the ESA or NASA needs a kombucha expert on the International Space Station, I will quit my job right now.



ESA Straps Kombucha SCoBY To Outside of ISS

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Everyday I’m Bubblin’


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It’s Alive!

I know the last post on here was a little while ago (over 2.5 years is a little while, right) but we are still here and still making Kombucha Homebrewing Starter Kits!

More posts will follow this but be sure to like us on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled!

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Plotting Fall and Winter Flavors!

In parts of the world that these things called “autumn” and “winter” actually happen (or not the SF Bay Area) it is traditionally a time to live off of stored food and things that are below ground, like roots.
So, at our brewery we’re working on new flavors for the colder months.  So far, Licorice root, dandelion root, and nettle root are all we’re working with but if anybody in internet land has an idea or a request don’t be shy, let us know!

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New Flyers!!!

These sexy new flyers were designed by Brandi Valenza, who we thank very much!
Catch them at Rainbow Co-op and other local spots!

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6-Packs of Kombucha Now Available!

We finally have enough kombucha ready to sell some to the public! We have lavender and hibiscus available.
For more info check out:

If you’re a co-op member and haven’t received your monthly kombucha, please email us at bay kombucha at

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