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Plotting Fall and Winter Flavors!

In parts of the world that these things called “autumn” and “winter” actually happen (or not the SF Bay Area) it is traditionally a time to live off of stored food and things that are below ground, like roots.
So, at our brewery we’re working on new flavors for the colder months.  So far, Licorice root, dandelion root, and nettle root are all we’re working with but if anybody in internet land has an idea or a request don’t be shy, let us know!

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New Flyers!!!

These sexy new flyers were designed by Brandi Valenza, who we thank very much!
Catch them at Rainbow Co-op and other local spots!

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6-Packs of Kombucha Now Available!

We finally have enough kombucha ready to sell some to the public! We have lavender and hibiscus available.
For more info check out:

If you’re a co-op member and haven’t received your monthly kombucha, please email us at bay kombucha at

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Hibiscus is the Flavor of Summer!

We’ve just bottled up our newest batches of hibiscus (pictured), lavender, and tulsi nettle kombucha!
The refreshing and light hibiscus is definitely my favorite right now and if it ever gets hot in San Francisco, it’ll be better than lemonade!

Hibiscus in the brewery.

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New Kombucha!

So, for the last few months we’ve only been making enough kombucha to serve our current Co-op members.  That’s why there hasn’t been a lot of activity around here, but now we’re in over flow and have some extra!
We currently have 22 ounce bottles of green tea based lavender and black tea based hibiscus flower and 12 ounce six packs of green or black tea based hibiscus and green tea based lavender.  We sell mixed packs so just tell us what you want of each and be sure to check out the Donations, Starter Kits, and Memberships section for more info on our suggested donations.

And always feel free to email your questions to

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Bottling, Donations, and Membership Changes.

So, after weeks full of math and science, we’ve decided to switched our bottles and how we bottle and that has changed our suggested donations.  For further details check out the Donations, etc part of our page to see what’s different.

If you are a long time customer of ours you will notice our prices have increased.  But you get what you pay for with us, when you buy our kombucha you’re getting a handmade high quality probiotic bev.  We brew our kombucha in small batches with ONLY organic (and when possible Fair Trade) ingredients.  We’re so local, soon we will be able to deliver to you at home or work, on bicycle in many parts of San Francisco!

Our new batch is smaller than usual so if you want lavender infused black, or plain black tea based kombucha, please let us know soon-ish.


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We’re Doing It!

Sorry for all the delays, but things are starting to move around here! This is a formidable wait list starting so hurry up and get on it if you want some of our delicious kombucha before the New Year!
There are also going to be some pretty big changes around here you’ll begin to notice and we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on our progress.

Thanks a lot for everyone’s interest and keep on fermenting!

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So, yeah, we heard, it’s bad. Here ( is a New York Times bit on the government take over of the kombucha industry. Ridiculus hype and BS politics is what this is. Mouth wash, vanilla extract and many other things that have much higher alcohol contents aren’t regulated like beer or wine. Ultimately, It should be up to the brewers putting their bottles on the shelf to make sure that their kombucha tea isn’t getting people drunk (although I have seen no documented case of this happening).
Many fermented foods and beverages have trace amounts of naturally occurring alcohol. When drinking or eating anything fermented or otherwise you should trust your body and taste. If it tastes like/feels like/is alcoholic, don’t drink it. A good way to avoid this whole mess is to make your own at home and test it with a devise like a vinometer or a hydrometer when you’re ready to drink it. I will be testing our kombucha tea for alcohol content from now on and our starter kits are still available and they don’t have any alcohol in them.
This is all hype and I hope that this won’t talk people out of drinking safe non-boozy kombucha.
Our kombucha wine is another story…


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Busy Busy Busy

I want to start with an apology to anyone who has tried to contact us in the last week, there is a LOT going on with the us right now.
The San Francisco Bay Area Kombucha Kollective is in the process of moving our whole operation to a new space. If anyone has any useful info on kitchen spaces that would be much appreciated. We are still in business during this move, it’s just going to be a little slower than usual and based out of San Francisco.
Again, we still have starter kits for sale and the bay area’s best kombucha tea, it’s just might take a few days to get it to you and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience.
In other news, we’ve got a new batch of green tea based organic kombucha ready right now, so reserve yours before it’s all gone!

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We Have Starter Kits Again!

Let us know if you want one, we’ve got green and black tea based kombucha homebrewing starter kits available for a limited time (until we can afford a steady supply again). Yerba maté base is now available on request too!


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