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The Starter Kit Machine Kicks Into High Gear!

We’re starting to get into the flow of getting our starter kits out and streamlining the process.

The expected wait time on a Kombucha Starter kit is now about 3 days unless you’ve got a really whacky request.

For a new Kombucha Homebrewing Starter Kit you can choose from organic black, green, white, or yerba mate teas for your tea base and (for a bit extra) get your kit with herbal or floral infusions like lavender, hibiscus, or rose!

Our starter kits come with a 1 gallon glass jar, pre-brewed starter tea, dry tea and organic fair trade cane sugar for your next batch, and the SCoBY (the kombucha ‘culture’ or ‘mother’) and you can get one now for as low as $30 dollars.  The cost is less than 7 bottles of store bought kombucha and with our kit you can make kombucha how you want FOREVER!
All of our kits are made to order however you want it.
*Ask about our bicycle delivery!*


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Special Orders!

We are about to start several new batches of kombucha and are finally ready to take special orders.
How it works:

A. You tell us how you want it made and with what (i.e. low sugar jasmine/green tea based kombucha.)  For large orders (one or more gallons)  we can buy special/new teas.


B. Tell us what taste you like your kombucha (i.e. strong/astringent or light/sweet.)

C. Tell us what infusions you’d like (i.e. pomegranate, cherry, blueberry, etc.)

For options A or B, fermentation will take between two and four weeks before it will be ready to drink.  For option C allow three to seven days.  All donations will be accepted upon pick up/delivery of kombucha tea.

For more details email us @ baykombucha@gmail.com

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Kombucha Tea Sale!

We have about six quarts of fresh kombucha for sale right now at the LOW price of 2 for 7 dollars (plus deposit) or 4 for 15 dollars (plus deposit) or all six for 20! These are normally 5 dollars a piece for non-members so you better jump on this…

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Spirulina & Chlorella Infused, Green As All Hell, Kombucha Tea

Tim just hooked up the Ultra Green Assault Kombucha.  With approximately 2 tablespoons of both spirulina and chlorella this kombucha is a delicious, extra healthy blend.  It’s really late and I’m really tired so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


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New Green Tea Batch!

I’m doing a few gallons of green tea kombucha.  I’ve noticed that the green tea’s flavor is preferred by some and blends with certain juices really well.  It does take a bit longer so you might have to wait about 3 weeks.

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Taking San Francisco by storm!

We’ll be making various appearances at health food stores and other secret locations in The Mission District of San Francisco (and possibly further out?). keep an eye on @baykombucha for updates! Remember that we also deliver to the greater mission area (please tip our riders!).

415 793 1619

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Just Harvested Some Tea

It’s great! Sweet and really effervescent stuff.
The rest should be done tomorrow!

Oh yeah, you can follow us on Twitter now, if you freaky like that.


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