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Special Orders!

We are about to start several new batches of kombucha and are finally ready to take special orders.
How it works:

A. You tell us how you want it made and with what (i.e. low sugar jasmine/green tea based kombucha.)  For large orders (one or more gallons)  we can buy special/new teas.


B. Tell us what taste you like your kombucha (i.e. strong/astringent or light/sweet.)

C. Tell us what infusions you’d like (i.e. pomegranate, cherry, blueberry, etc.)

For options A or B, fermentation will take between two and four weeks before it will be ready to drink.  For option C allow three to seven days.  All donations will be accepted upon pick up/delivery of kombucha tea.

For more details email us @ baykombucha@gmail.com


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New Organic Green Tea!

We have two batches of our organic green tea kombucha ready NOW! One batch was made right here in San Francisco and one was made at the Hermit Compound (my house) and both are GREAT. The batch made in SF is a delicious low sugar (almost all of the sugar is converted during fermentation anyway) fizzy brew and the Oakland batch is stronger and more astringent.
Hit us up now for our newest batches at baykombucha@gmail.com

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Kombucha Tea Sale!

We have about six quarts of fresh kombucha for sale right now at the LOW price of 2 for 7 dollars (plus deposit) or 4 for 15 dollars (plus deposit) or all six for 20! These are normally 5 dollars a piece for non-members so you better jump on this…

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Organic green and black tea starter kits available starting 3-17!

We should have a few of our prized starter kits available tomorrow, finally. To clarify, the green tea is organic and the black tea is not, sadly we are still in the process of going completely organic and fair trade. As you may know it is a bit more expensive but I personally feel a little better knowing that my tea wasn’t picked by little kids or people that get paid 3 cents a day.

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New Organic Green Tea

Our green tea based kombucha will be made with 100% organic tea from now on!  It will be available in a few weeks, look out.

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