Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bottling, Donations, and Membership Changes.

So, after weeks full of math and science, we’ve decided to switched our bottles and how we bottle and that has changed our suggested donations.  For further details check out the Donations, etc part of our page to see what’s different.

If you are a long time customer of ours you will notice our prices have increased.  But you get what you pay for with us, when you buy our kombucha you’re getting a handmade high quality probiotic bev.  We brew our kombucha in small batches with ONLY organic (and when possible Fair Trade) ingredients.  We’re so local, soon we will be able to deliver to you at home or work, on bicycle in many parts of San Francisco!

Our new batch is smaller than usual so if you want lavender infused black, or plain black tea based kombucha, please let us know soon-ish.


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